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Cabin Emergency Evacuation Training

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AST’s Airbus A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) offers you perfect training conditions for specifically training appropriate responses in emergency situations without risk. AST offers door trainers (DT) with original or simulated doors, fully customized according to our customer’s specification and offering the latest engineering and software elements.  To enable a highly-realistic experience in training, the trainer interior is a one-to-one replica of the original aircraft, offering a variety of predefined malfunctions for diverse training purposes. Our trainer also includes the option for a real or simulated emergency slide.  AST’s cutting edge cabin emergency evacuation trainer (CEET) enables a wider range of training possibilities aimed at evacuation procedures. A320 CEET SPECIFICATION - A320 Cabin Fuselage (no flight deck) - Main Door A320 TYPE I (L1), fully operational - A320 TYPE I (R1) – dummy (2D graphics) - A320 TYPE III LHS OWE, functioning - A320 Type III RHS OWE, dummy - Dummy gallery G1 depicted by 2D graphics - One crew jump seats fitted next to L1 door - 4 rows of economy seats 24 total (3,3) 32” pitch - Two functional overhead stowage bins - 2 PSU panels with functional oxygen drop down masks, Fasten Seat Belt sign, Turn off PED signs and attendant call button - Replica lavatory unit LA (fitted with call bell, water shut off valve, waste bin, Return To Seat sign) - Cabin lighting with 3 settings - Emergency lighting – including floor path lighting - Cabin PA system - Part functional Area call panels (ACP) - Functioning Attendant Indication Panels located at Forward attendant station (AIP) - Part functional FAP touch screen - Instructors operating station aft of R1 door – to operate all malfunctions via touch screen computer, - Smoke and fire simulation, includes cabin full of smoke, lavatory waste bin fire and overhead stowage bin fire.

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