About Us

About Us

Haite - An Aviation Training Centre

World-Class Facilities

Our state-of-the-art Aviation Training Centre covers over 21,000sqm and boasts 7 simulator bays to accommodate modern Boeing and Airbus models, as well as business aviation aircraft and helicopters. At full capacity, 50,000 training hours can be clocked yearly. We've invested over $95 million into building high-quality facilities, so you can possess one of the most advanced aviation training experiences in Asia.

Hands-On Training

Our highly qualified SFIs, TRIs and TREs are capable of helping you reach your goals, regardless of the type of training you seek. Assisted by the best technologies to simulate real situations in aviation work, trainings at HAITE Singapore take on a truly hands-on approach. You will learn to use all 5 senses become an effective pilot.

Strong Regional Network

Our organisation serves as the international headquarters of HAITE Group, a well-established Chinese aerospace firm that trains over 2,000 pilots per year. By sharing the strong network and competencies HAITE Group has developed for more than 22 years, we are able to tap on credible regional partners to enhance your aviation education. With this edge, you can differentiate yourself from the growing competition.

Kunming Aviation Safety Training Co. Ltd has accumulated twenty years of experience in aviation training. With a team of professional crew and state of art equipment, we can provide different training solutions for our Airbus and Boeing operators.

The Company has six full flight simulators consisting of two B737Ng, one B737 Classic and three A320.

Tianjin Aviation Safety Training Co. Ltd was officially opened in July 2017, providing training for both helicopters and airliners. The Company has eight simulator bays and currently operating two flight simulators of which one is a B737NG and one EC135. We also provide cabin trainer for the flight.

Singapore Location

Strategically located at 15 Changi Business Park Crescent, we are a few minutes away from Changi International Airport. Our training centre operates 24/7 and there are hotels within walking distance or approximately 5 minutes drive.


our Objectives

Cultivating Professionalism

Producing highly competent
aviation staff with an air of

Providing True-To-Life Simulation

Preparing you well for a wide array of actual flight situations, with highly realistic simulations.

Value Added To Learning

Giving you an edge over others due to a curriculum enhanced by our regional partners.